ASAM dimensions are rated 0-4 in severity or need. A rating of more than 2.9 requires in patient or residential treatment.

  1. Addictions (0-4)  How many addictions, how strongly addicted, and immediate risks for death.
  2. Medical problems (0-4) Diagnoses , treatment status, and need for inpatient care.
  3. Mental problems (0-4) Diagnoses, treatment status, and need for inpatient care.
  4. Readiness for change (0-4) Need for motivational counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  5. Potential for relapse (0-4) – Loneliness Scale , Pain Level, Stress Level, Number of Active Problems, Period of active illicit opiate use, Period not using illicit opiates, Drug Availability, Vengefulness, Withdrawal Status, and Craving Status.
  6. Social support (0-4) Loneliness and Housing status

Questionnaires include CALOMS data for Annual Medical Necessity Assessment.