1. Strella Biotechnology develops a single-use, sweat-based biosensor that monitors hydration levels for individuals who engage in physical work or sports and pivoted to food ripeness detection.
  2. Aryballe: This company develops biosensors that can detect and recognize a large number of odors, including those present in sweat.
  3. Paperdrop Dx: Paperdrop Dx develops paper-based biosensors for the rapid diagnosis of critical diseases, including those detectable in sweat
  4. InnovoGENE Biosciences: This Canadian startup develops aptamer-based biosensors for diagnosis, including those that recognize pathogens in sweat- website down.
  5. Nix Biosensors creates inexpensive, single-use wearable biosensors for monitoring hydration levels, particularly targeting athletes.
  6. Kenzen: Kenzen’s ECHO™ Smart Patch is a wearable device that analyzes critical biomarkers in sweat to improve health and performance.
  7. Xsensio: Xsensio develops the Lab-on-Skin™ sensing platform, which relies on sweat to measure various biomarkers for next-gen wearables. It is also developing interstitial fluid biochemical analysis capabilities.
  8. EnLiSense: EnLiSense has developed a skin sweat sensor that can measure cytokine levels continuously for up to 168 hours, with applications in health monitoring and disease management
  9. Persperiontech.com

Devices from Rodgers Research Group

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