Continuous Glucose Monitoring & Bloodless GLUCOMETERS


Senseonics – Eversense  90 day implantable sensor and external monitor.

Noviosense Tear fluid based glucose monitoring with wireless NFC

Echo Therapeutics Symphony tCGM

Dexcon G6- Continuous Glucose Monitor

Sensavita Minimally invasive glucometer

Abbot Freestyle Libre CGM

Medtronic CGM solutions

A menarini Glucoday CGM

C8 Medisensor $4k noninvasive Raman Spectroscopy Device

Breath Acetone analyzer as a correlate for Blood Glucose Levels

One Drop wireless patch

Hemoglobin A1c  skin fluorescent correlate for diabetes screening


Orsense NBM 200G

Traditional Glucometers

BioTelemetry : Telcare Glucometer -cellphone based

Sanofi IBGstar for iPhone

Fora Blood Glucose Monitor

Bayer Contour Glucometer

J&J Lifescan OneTouch Ultra 2 Glucometer

Roche AccuChek Advantage Glucose Meter