1. I feel in tune with the people around me.
2. I like companionship.
3. There is no one I can turn to.
4. I do not feel alone.
5. I feel part of a group of friends.
6. I have a lot in common with the people around me.
7. I am no longer close to anyone.
8. My interests and ideas are not shared by those around me.
9. I am an outgoing person.
10. There are people I feel close to.
11. I feel left out.
12. My social relationships are superficial.
13. No one really knows me well.
14. I feel isolated from others.
15. I can find companionship when I want it.
16. I am unhappy being so withdrawn.
17. There are people who really understand me.
18. People are around me but not with me.
19. There are people I can talk to.
20. There are people I can turn to.