Medical Wrist Devices for Patients (also see Patches or other body part solutions.)



Device Price

Service Fee

Battery Life


UNALIWEAR KANEGA WATCH $299 ~$50/mo 2days RX ReMinder, FALL detection/PERS, GPS, 9-axis accelerometer, Mic, Speaker, Vibrator, BTLE, LTE,Wifi,  Atmel | SMART SAM4L Cortex-M4 MCUATWINC1500  module, and  FreeRTOS
Oxitone Oxitone BAND $200 ~10/mo 24hrs hr,activity,spO2, Vibrator, screen
Google Google / Health Tracking Price ? MIC,HR,Activity
Telco Med Medica4All Watch Me Price ? ? BP,HR
Vitall Health Vitall  Watch Price ? ? HR,BP, wt, pedometer/3-axis accelerometer, Event monitor, glucose,notifications, & confirmations
Aframe Aframe Digital Watch Price ? ? Activity

Consumer – Health and Fitness Smart Wrist DEVICES


  • hr, fitness, sleep


5 DAys