Cuffless /Noninflatable systolic  or central mean arterial blood pressure measurements use  pulse transit time, pulse wave velocity, radar, doppler-blood flow, echography, photoacoustics, bioimpedence, spectro-photometry, ballistocardiography, ECG and/or photoplethysmography .—Goto Cuff Based Solutions

AktiiaoBPMoptical sensor on wrist
SamsungGalaxy 9 optical sensorMy BP Lab
Sensogram TechnologiesSensotrack, ring andscanEarlobe or fingerscan-PPG
Health Stats International PE LtdA-Pulse Central Aortic Systolic BPwrist band-PW
Michigan State Universityc fingertip bp monitorSmart phone casing measures via oscillometric finger pressing
Sotera Wireless ref1 xref2 cNIBPwrist band -pTT
BLUMIO    Arm band radar basedPWT from 2 points on arm
BOLD diagnostics    Lt and Rt blue tooth wrist bandsdelta (lt-rt) PWT
Multisensor Diagnostics   SPO2,3 lead ecg, RR, and BP MouthLab devicedelta (lt thumb – upper lip) PWT
Viatom TechCheck Mepulse wave
Binah.aibvuefacial recognition
CharmcareH2-BP H2-PM
OmronHeartguardWrist watch