Cari Health INVIVO : Intradermal : EAC Based DPV Assay for Methadone and its Metabolites
WearOptimoINVIVO: intradermal : Cyclic Voltammetry based Sensor for Hydration Status – Osmolarity and Aptamer based recognition of Troponin C and other polymeric molecules.
XSensioEXVIVO : supradermal : Skin Surface based FET Sensor for Cortisol
Nutromics INVIVO : intradermal : RNA/DNA Aptamer based recognition – Vancomycin, Renal Failure Biomarker, Cardiac Failure Biomarker, Sepsis Biomarker
BiolinqINVIVO: intradermal : Microneedle with Enzymatic Sensor -Glucose, Lactate, Ketones
AquilXEXVIVO : Enzymatic Based recognition of Glucose, Lactate, ?
AbbottINVIVO : subdermal : Enzymatic Sensor – Glucose
Identify SensorsPOC : Sequence based recognition – multiple pathogens Covid, FluA, and FluB
Cue HealthPOC : Magnetoresitive bead based PCR like sensors for Covid, FluA/B, RSV ?