Book 1 : The Physics and Biochemistry of Life


Life is defined as an aggregating (ie. negative entropic) force. It is responsible for leptogenesis, baryogenesis, biochemistry, and consciousness. It explains the synthesis of atoms larger than iron as well as complex matter that is able to replicate and self assemble . This definition includes new physics related to the storage and control of entropy, information transformation in crystal zones, and other themes related to life’s ability to sense, react, and transform energy. It is a definition that is compatible with the idea of a spirit .

Carbon based life is defined as originating 9.5 Billion years ago after the formation of the first nitrogen containing  polyaromatic hydrocarbons.


  • A working model of life’s origin and evolution.
  • I. Creation of Primordial Hydrogen and synthesisof higher atomic elements.
  • II. Formation of Polymerized Hydrogen and Carbon in super strong magnetic fields.
  • III. Polymerized hydrogen, Carbon Buckyballs, and Metal Ions are transformed by cosmic rays. Tholins, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Graphenes, and Complex Organic Molecules Evolve. Pyrophosphite is the early bioenergetic molecule that helped organize Protocells.
  • IV. ProtoCells Evolve . Information and Energy transformed from Pyrophosphites to Polyphosphates, Polysaccharides, PolySulfides, Fatty Acids, Polyketides, Polycarboxyanions, Polyalkanates, and Polypeptides.
  • V. Translation of Polyketide information to Pre-tRNAs that bind amino acids and synthesize polypetides in Coacervates . These precells contain amyloid-nucleic acid fibrils and are enclosed by lipid vesicles.
  • VI Evolution of mRNA based Precells (proteinoids, chronocytes, and viruses). Conversion of pre-tRNAs into modern tRNA and development of the ribosome.
  • VII Evolution of Poly DNA based Eocytes from RNA based Chronocytes.
  • VIII Evolution of Eocytes and Viruses. Eocytes evolved into Archaea on a hot protoEarth while Precells may have been present on Theia . Worlds combined at the time of the Great Impact 4.5 Gya. The Late Heavy bombardments delivered Eocytes, Precells and extinctions 3.8-3.95 Gya.
  • IX Eukaryotes evolved from Archea-Eubacterial symbioses, infectious speciation and natural selection.

Book 2 : Cosmic Events Relevant to Life on Earth

Book 3 : Mechanistic Hierarchical Evolution

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