Thinking about the possibility of cancer can be overwhelming, but taking steps to find cancer early
can help you feel more in control. In fact, when cancers are diagnosed early before they have had a chance to spread, the overall 5-year survival rate is 4x higher than when they are diagnosed in later stages. The Galleri™ Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test detects more than 50 types of cancer, many of which are not commonly screened for today, through a simple blood draw. Current data suggest the the test can identify cancer 4 years before most current methods. The Galleri test does not detect all cancers nor does it measure your genetic risk of developing cancer in the future. It should be used in addition to other screening tests recommended by our healthcare provider.

The company’s list price cost for the test = $949. Your out of pocket price varies depending on insurance and your medical qualifications.

Click here for a Doctor Video visit to discuss these topics and order a test kit. $50/order (replaces your usual co-pay)

Important Safety Information
The Galleri test does not detect all cancers and should be used in addition to routine cancer screening tests. Results should be interpreted by a healthcare provider. A “cancer signal not detected” result does not rule out cancer. A “cancer signal detected” result requires confirmatory diagnostic evaluation (e.g. imaging), and if cancer is not confirmed, it may not be present, may not be detectable by diagnostic follow-up testing or may be located in a different part of the body. False-positive and false-negative test results do occur. Rx only.

After the doctor video visit you will receive a Test Requisition Form and a Kit will be mailed to you. Once you receive the kit please have your blood drawn by one of these service providers in your area. Get results within 10 business days of receipt of your blood tubes by GAIL Inc.

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