Appetite Suppressants :

Decrease  meal size and frequency by inducing satiety or reducing hunger pathways in the brain.

Drugs prescribed:

GLP-1 agonists :  Trulicity,  Ozempic  injection, 2.4 mg semiglutide sc injection,  oral Rybelsus, Tirzepatide (GIP/GLP-1)

antagonism of ghrelin’s (hunger hormone) activation of the NPY/Agouti Related Peptide Orexigenic Response

Sympathetic and Mimetic Agents : Norepinephrine, Epinephrine, Methamphetamine, PhentermineDidrexTenuate , Bontril , ephedrine

Melanin Concentrating Hormone Reduction or MCHR1 AntagonismLeptin from Subcutaneous Adipocytes

MC4 Receptor Agonists :

alpha-MSH Orexin inhibitors Hoodia Cactus Ingredient : P57 Cannabanoid CB1 Receptor Antagonists Glucose dietary oleate or tiolein and oleylethanolamide via CCK and capsaicin sensitive peripheral sensory neurons Neurotransmitter Reuptake Inhibitor (ie Serotonin) : Meridia Apo A-IV from Chylomicrons via the hypothalamus Peptide YY Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor Melanin Concentrating Hormone Reduction or MCHR1 Antagonism Leptin from Subcutaneous Adipocytes