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Serology = Antibody Tests for Prior COVID-19 Exposure

IgM or IgG Antibody/Serology tests for exposure, current infection, or immunity., Sensitivity and Specificity of results vary due to time since exposure to virus, collection variations, and post sample collection processing / waiting times. I will order the test that is most appropriate for your specific situation. Currently Azure Biotech’s COVID 19 Antibody Test has CLIA waiver status under the EUA.


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Molecular Antigen or Viral RNA Tests for Current COVID-19 Infection or Shedding

Your specific solution will depend on if your have insurance , paying cash, or having your test sponsored. It also depends on your preferred location of testing (ie. home, place of business, clinic, or drive through tent )

Other Relevant Medical Tests

Flow Cytometry for Virus specific CD4 / CD8 T cells/functionality correlates with long term viral immunity. See Oxford Immunotec ‘s T-Spot discovery SARS- COV-2 Kit.


Interleukin alpha 1, CBC , Ferritin, C Reactive Protein, and Complete Metabolic Panel ( including AST ), influenza A or B, RSV, Mycoplasma pneumonia, and chlamydial pneumonia pathogens.

Genotypes of Interferon related system genes.

Chest Xray, Chest CT Scan, or Handheld Chest Ultrasound