Blood Pressure Pulse Respiratory Rate Temperature Oximetery ECG Weight Height
Viatom Technology Check Me handheld-PW
Health Stats International PE Ltd A-Pulse Central Aortic Systolic BP wrist band-PW
Sense A/S Sense Arm bandP arm band-bioimpedence
Tarilian Laser Technologies Tarilian SensorP optoelectronic sensor
A & D Medical Multiple Products cuff
Avita Multiple Products cuff
Corventis Piix ?  ?
Panasonic Blood pressure devices cuff
Sensium Healthcare Sensium Vitals  ??
MIT : Asada, Haruhiko Harry; Yang, Boo-Ho; Zhang, Yi Continuous wearable bp monitor finger band
Sotera Wireless  ref1 xref2 cNIBP wrist band -pTT
Intelesens PulseSensE and Zensor pulse wave velocity
Pulse Metric Multiple Products cuff
Aerotel BP Tel cuff
Welch Allyn Quiet Trak cuff
Omron Healthcare Inc. Multiple Products see Model 7000/CBM-7000 NIBP monitor and the Pilot/BP-508 cuff
GE Healthcare :Datex-Ohmeda DinaMap, Finapres.RTM, 2300 NIBP, and 2350 NIBP cuff
UEDA Electronic Works (Tokyo, Japan) USM-803 NIBP monitor cuff
CardioMEMS Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitor implanted sensor
Non Mydriatic Retinal Cameras Arteriolar narrowing as a biomarker for hypertension PPG
Scanadu Scout PPG + ECG based Pulse Transit Time
American Megatrends India AMI + arm cuff
Biosign Pulsewave max wrist cuff
MESI Medical ABPI wrist cuff
Lions Gate Technologies audio port connection to smartphone or tablet cuff
iHealth Wireless monitors with mobile app Wrist cuff
Withings Wired iOS BP Monitor cuff
Vitall Vital monitoring watch wrist Band with bT


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