I propose that  LUCA-b/LBA and LUCA-a /LAUA originated  inside cosmic spherule vesicles  on proto-planetary moonlets in hydrothermal settings around volcanoes. The vesicle chambers provided physicochemical gradients which contained the  bioenergetics responsible for the evolution of cells and viruses.  The earliest bio-energetics inside cosmic spherule protocells used Potassium 40 radioactivity for the production of energy transfering  molecules. Photosynthetic energy was utilized in the production of Tholins (UV and cosmic rays) , Isomerized Retinal , and other Energy carriers (ie. Molecular Oxygen, ubiquinones, Ferredoxins,  F420, Methanophenazine, NADH, NADPH, ATP, GTP,  Chlorophylls, Heme, and Pyrophosphates).  The cosmic spherule vesicles  housed RNA replicons with either fatty acid based phospholipids, archaeolipids, or protein shells.    The archaea evolved from the archaeolipid chambers  while the eubacteria evolved from fatty acid chambers and the early RNA viruses evolved from protein coated chambers.

Archael Evolution :