Framework : Physics and Biochemistry of Life

Life is defined as a negative entropic force that causes matter to aggregate. It explains numerous phenomenon (such as : leptogenesis, baryogenesis, asymmetric chirality of biomolecules, evolution of DNA, nucleosynthesis of iron , self assemble and replication of matter, and consciousness). The force controls storage and release of entropy, information transformation in crystal zones, and other mechanisms related to life's ability to sense, react, and transform energy. These processes appear to violate the second law of thermodynamics because they do not operate in a closed system.
Early forms of life utilized high temperatures to provide the work required for aggregation of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulfur, and metal ion molecules into ProtoCells. The energy and time required for conversion can be evaluated using Shannon Entropy and the Jensen-Shannon divergence metrics. These evaluations provide mathematical biomarkers of stages in life's evolution.

Tranformative events in the evolution of life.

I. Baryogenesis
II. Nucleogenesis
III. Atomic polymerizations (Hydrogen and Carbon)
IV. Organic Chemistry
a. Buckyballs and Graphene Sheets
b. Radioactive C-14 conversion to Nitrogen and the emergence of Amino Acids, Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates, Quinones, and Lipids
c. Tholins, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, Polysulfides, Polyphosphates, and complex organic molecules
d. Role of Cosmic rays, Gamma Rays, and Ultraviolet Light in biochemical synthesis.
V. Role of dark matter and dark energy.
VI. Solar Systems and Galaxies from the viewpoint of an expanded Gaia Hypothesis
VII. Relationship between life and gravity.
VII. Energy transformations
a. Beta decay energy conversion
b. Photosynthesis (Gamma, Xray, UV, visual spectrum, and infrared )
c. Oxidation/(electron capture) of Carbon, Iron, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Selenium, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Nitrogen, and other Elements.
d. Capture of energy from gradients: ( ph gradients/H+/OH-), gravity , salinity (ionic), temperature, hydrohphobicity/hydrophillicity, electrical currents, magnetic fields, and strong nuclear force .
VIII Self Assembly Mechanisms

IX A scenario for the evolution of life on Earth.

I. Creation of Primordial Hydrogen and evolution of higher atomic elements.
II. Formation of Polymerized Hydrogen and Carbon in super strong magnetic fields.
III. Polymerized hydrogen, Carbon Buckyballs, and Metal Ions grow and evolve from cosmic rays. This stage includes evolution of tholins, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Graphenes, and Complex Organic Molecules
IV. Polyhydrogen complex information transfered to Polyphosphates, Polysaccharides, PolySulfides, Fatty Acids, Polyketides, Polyhydroxyalkenates, and Polypeptides.
V. Transfer of Polyketide infomation to Pre-tRNAs that bind amino acids and synthesize polypetides in Coacervates . These precells contain amyloid-nucleic acid fibrils and are enclosed by lipid vesicles.
VI Evolution of mRNA based Precells (proteinoids, chronocytes, and viruses). Conversion of pre-tRNAs to modern tRNA and development of the ribosome.
VII Evolution of Poly DNA containing Eocytes from Chronocytes.
VII Evolution of DNA based Prokaryotes and Archaea Viruses .
VIII Evolution of Eukaryotic cells through infectious speciation and natural selection events .
Side Note:
Understanding the origin and properties of coronal spheres/coronal cavities which emanate from coronal tornados could offer clue to understanding the physics of life. :
I speculate that these "croissants" represent bubbles of polymerized hydrogen shells filled with ionized iron, oxygen and subatomic particles. They may have relevance to earliest forms of high energy based life. They also suggest the existence of a Natural Selective Force tied to CME's that is capable of altering our biosphere.©1994-2012 Foster P. Carr MD all rights reserved