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Ideas and Theories

Some of my medical ideas and theories:

  1. HIV infection can be erradicated or controlled using adoptive cellular immunotherapy along with antiviral drug treatments.
  2. Organ and cell culture systems will evolve into computer controlled circadian perfusion systems (bioperfutors).
  3. My theories on the origin of life and the major mechanisms of genetic evolution. (Germ line integration of symbiotic viruses is a major mechanism of genetic change.)
  4. There is a Tissue Specific Capillary Code that can be utilized to target tissues with appropriately labeled liposomes.
  5. Genetic Profiling and Environmental Exposure Tests will be successfully incorporated into Health Risks Assessments
  6. A tissue specific growth factor code will be elucidated and used to treat tumors or enhance tissue growth.
  7. Coronary Artery Disease can be treated with angiogenic factor injections
  8. Caries can be prevented with immunization and treated with anti strep mutans antibody containing mouthwashes.
  9. Wizdom teeth can be prevented with immunizations
  10. Screening for metabolic syndrome will help prevent the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II
  11. Non-invasive and unobtrussive medical monitoring will be able to detect medical conditions earlier and save lives.

Astronomical and Geological Ideas:

1. There have been 20 Supernovas in the past 10 million years within 30 parsecs of our Solar System.

2. Some comets contain genetic and prebiotic material.

3. Comets have influenced evolution by causing extinctions as well as providing extra terrestial genetic material for creations.

4. Major tectonic plate movements correlate with the movement of the Sun in and out of our arm of the galaxy.

5. Gamma ray bursts and jets are a major cause of extinctions of genetic change on Earth.

6. Great Comets fragment and their cores become asteroids.

6. Cellular life begins in Blok Globules.

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