Origins : Major impact events influencing the evolution of life.

Impacts of Planetary Bodies, Molecular Clouds, WIMPS, Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays, Electrons, Axions, Neutrinos, Muons, Comets and Asteroids

Hadean Impact Events 4.6 - 3.8 Billion Years Ago

1. Moon's creation from a Great Impact 4.50-4.52 Billion years ago.
reference 1
, 2003 Canup reference, (Intra vs Extra Solar System Source) , Computer Animation of Impact Event and another simulation model)

2, Possible merger/collision with a Second Moon about 4 Billion Years Ago. Related to the Late Heavy Bombardment ?

3. Last Large Impact on the Moon created the Aitken Basin on the Dark Side of the South Pole 4.5 -4.0 Billion Years ago during the Lunar Cataclysm

4. Impact that created Oceanus Procellarum on the Moon 4.0 - 3.8 Billion Years ago

Archean Impact Events 3.8 -2.5 Billion years ago,

1. Impact 3.8 B yo

2. Impact 3.47, 3.26, 3.24, 2.63 , 2.56 B yo

Paleoproterozoic Impact Events 2.5-1.6B yrs ago

.2.48, 2.023 Ga (Vredefort) and 1.85 Ga (Sudbury)

Mesoproterozoic Impact Events 1.6B to 1.0B yrs ago

Neoproterozoic Impact Events 1.0B to 542 M ya

Cambrian Impact Events 542-488 Million Years ago

Ordovician Impact Events 488.3-443.7 Million years ago

Silurian Impact Events 443.7-416 Million Years ago

Devonian Impact Event 416-359 Million years ago

1 .The Alamo impact 370 million years ago - as factors to the Devonian double extinction

Carboniferous Impact Events 359-299 Million Years Ag

Permian Impact Events 299-251 Million Years Ago

Triassic Impact Events 251-199.6 Million Years Ago

1. Impact Located at Bedout Dome off the Northwest coast of Australia.251 Million Years ago, WIMP Clump passing , and Volcanism- Associated with the Great Dying/Permian-Triassic Boundary Double Extinction Event

Jurassic Impact Events 199.6-145 Million Years Ago

Early Cretacious Impact Events 145-100 Million Years Ago

Late Cretaceous Impact Events 99.6-65.5 Million Years Ago

1. Impact Event 65 million years ago (the Cretacious-Tertiary boundary event associated with the extinction of Dinosaurs ) and located at Chicxulub Crater in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Palaeocene Impact Events 65.5-55.8 Million Years Ago

Eocene Impact Events 55.8-33.9 Million Years Ago

Oligocene Impact Events 33.9-23.03 Million Years Ago

1. Impacts on Earth 33.9-35.2 Million years ago Related to the Eocene-Oligocene Extinction Event and Climate Change Event (Chesapeak Bay . Toms Canyon, and Popagi Craters)

Miocene Impact Events 23.03-5.332 Million Years Ago.

1. Impact Events 10 Million Years ago in Argentina and other places possibly associated with the end of the Age of the great apes.

Pilocene Impact Events 5.332-2.588 Million years ago

1. Impact event 3.3 Million years ago associated with regional extinctions in Argentina. , ref 2

2. Aouelloul Crater Mauritania 3.1 M yo.

3. Talemezane Crater

Pleistocene Impact Events 2.588 Million to 12K years ago:

1. Eltanin Stony-Iron Asteroid Impact 2.51 +/- .07 Million Years Ago in South Pacific Ocean

2. Ghana Impact Crater 1 million years ago

3. IndoChina Impact Event 760-800K years ago

4 Amguid Crater-Algeria --about 100K years ago

5 Meteor Crater 50K yrs ago and Odessa Texas Crater 60K yo.

6. Multiple Heat Pulse Events followed by Cooling in Greenland Ice Cores between 40K years ago and 11500 years go.. (Similar to the Younger Dryas Event )

7. Multiple Impact Events 12,900 years ago at the Younger Dryas Boundary (North America, Central America, Asia, and Europe).

Holocene Impacts: 12K years ago to the present:

0. Impact in Indian Ocean 4.8K years ago and Burkle Crater ? (4 -5 K years ago)

1. Cataclysms in the late 3rd Millennium BC (2100-2400 BC), 4.1-4.4 K yrs ago

2. Impact Craters in Argentina 4K years ago.-Campo del Cielo Craters/Meteorites

3. Vaca Muerta Stewnfield in Atacama Desert Northern Chile 3400 +/- 1300 years ago (zircon reference)

4. Gogui Crater-Mauritania ?

5. ? Chiemgau impact event in 6th and 5th Century BC in Southeast Germany (2.5-2.6 K yrs ago)

6. Impact off New Zealand coast 500 yrs ago

7. Tunguska Impact Event over Siberia in 1908 ? Lake Cheko as Crater (104 yrs ago)

8. Other Recently Observed Smaller Impact Events



RESOURCES : Earth Impact Database , Grace Gravity Monitoring Satellites

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