4G, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth, Ziggby, Ant +, Wifi, SMS and GPRS solutions

Biosign : Healthanywhere : fda bluetooth devices to windows system with Health Assist Software to server
Medic4all /Telcomed Advanced Industries Ltd: bluetooth device to gateway to server
Diversinet: cell phone to proprietary network
Cybernet Medical's Medstar System
MedApps : bluetooth to proprietary cell phone to proprietary network
RDSM : Wireless Patient Monitoring Platform
Bodytel : Cell phone based diabetes management system
Televital Software Solutions
Trunstall Healthcare :bluetooth Devices to Telehealth Monitor (PTSN,GSM,GPRS)
DigiO2 :bluetooth devices to Care Pal Telehealth Monitor (pots, wifi, or ethernet)to Web
t+Medical : bluetooth device to cell phone to webserver
Ideal Life Inc. : FDA bluetooth devices to Ideal Life Pod wireless gateway to web server.
InfopiaUSA: Eocene systems device family
Biocomfort: proprietary ziggby RF medical devices to USB doggle on computer to web
Intelesens: Wireless Vital Sign Platform : proprietary wireless to proprietary GSM cell phone to open network
Confidant Inc. :bluetooth to open cell phone to proprietary network
Avita Vital Sign Monitors--bluetoothed to Cell phone or Telehealth monitor
Pharos Innovations : Cell phone solutions via software
Airstrip Technologies Vital Sign Monitoring
Bluegiga bluetooth to bluetooth access point to open network

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