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Company Product
McKesson-Relay Health Relay Health PHR
Microsoft HealthVault
WebMD WebMD Health Manager
Access Health Records Access Health Records
Office Ally Inc. Patient Ally PHR
Cerner Patient Portal : IQhealth
Epic Systems Inc. MyChart
PrimeTime Software Healthlink
MediKeeper Inc.
Staywell Solutions my next steps
Walgreens: Take Care Health Clinics Take Care
Working Systems: Global Health Hothealth and Lifecard
Prosocial Applications Inc.
Dr. I-Net Inc.
Access Strategies Inc.
Healthtracks LLC
Primary Physiciancare Inc.
Cuffs Planning & Models, Ltd. Health-Minder
KARE Information Services, Inc
Elder Issues Inc.
Medefile International Inc.
MedicAlert Foundation
MedNotice LLC
DGL (Doctorglobal)
MacHealth Pty Ltd
Medical Informatics Engineering Inc.
Global teleimaging LLC
Peoplechart Corporation
Simplywell LLC
Synchart Inc.
TouchNetworks Inc.

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