Cyberspace Telemedical Office
Online Consultation Services

The following services require webstation tools such as e-mail, bulletin boards, instant messaging, telephony, white-boarding, and/or web-based video conferencing.

Medical Questions

Electronic entry of question(s) with a response within 1 hour. The response will attempt to include references to substantiate its claims unless they are simple questions with answers that are widely recognized as true. (cost is dependent on membership status)

Minor illnesses

Such as colds, bladder infections, diarrhea etc. Visitors may or may not be charged depending on their membership status. However there is no charge to review the literature on many minor illnesses in our lounge

Minor injuries

Such as small cuts, bruises, and sprains. The fee is variable depending on your membership status. However, all members can review material on first aide procedures in the waiting room area for free.

Early detection and referral of chronic illnesses

In most situations chronic complaints should be seen and handled by your primary care physician. However, in some instances it may be possible to diagnose probable causes of recent complaints which are due to chronic illnesses. The fee is dependent on membership status.

Referrals for lab tests.

Such as pregnancy tests, blood counts, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, urinalyses, blood chemistries and serologies. The cost per specimen will be a $10.00 service ordering charge plus any direct fees which have to be paid directly to the laboratory.

Referrals for imaging studies

Such as chest x-rays, upper gi studies, MRI's, and CAT scans. The fee is $10.00 per study ordered

Temporary refills of chronic medications or prescriptions for acute illnesses.

Refills are only available under special circumstances. (ie. If you are travelling and you cannot reach your regular physician). However, acute illnesses can recieve prescriptions for no longer than a 15 day period. The fee per prescription is $10.00 and does not include the direct cost of the medication which is paid to the pharmacist or the consultation fee.

Evaluation of dematological problems

Most skin disorders can be evaluated by telemedicine. However, if biopsies are required then you will need to see your local dermatologist .

Procedure referrals

Such as suturing, incision and drainage of an abcess, or diagnostic procedures. Each procedure ordered will cost an extra $10.00 for the follow up expenses This is a separate from the fee which is paid directly to the agent who is performing the procedure.

Non-Telemedical Services

This is a list of services currently NOT provided by the cyberspace telemedical office.

  • Evaluation of unconciousness or altered consciousness

  • Evaluation acute injuries involving a major organ , such as chest pain or major trauma

  • Performance of procedures, such as surgical incissions or suturing

  • First aid and blood pressure checks

  • Acute management of sexual abuse and rape victims.
  • Evaluation of child abuse
  • Prescriptons for narcotics or frequently abused drugs.

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