Gamma Ray Radiation of the Earth


Past 110,0000 years of Nitrate Levels in Greenland Icecore GRIP2 (Surrogate Marker for prior Gamma Radiation Events) Timeline is not to scale.

  Past 12700 years


1.Jets from Black Hole Accretion Disks in Large Galaxies (BL Lac Objects/Blazars amd Quazars)- Accretion of Globular Clusters by Super large Black Holes

3C 454.3 7.2B ly away in the Pegasus Constellation showing periodic 3 day episodes of powerful flares

2. Jets from a Black Hole inside a Globular Cluster Located Within the Milky Way Galaxy - Accretion of Stars and Pulsars

Terzan 5 ( Within Sagitarrius Constellation --- Currently Seen in Southern Hemisphere ) Remnant of Assimilated Galaxy A

Omega Centauri / NGC 5130 ( Within Centaurus Constellation - Currently Seen in Southern Hemisphere) Remnant of Assimilated Galaxy B

3. Magnetar Flares

4. Bowshock of Milky Way Traveling in Space

5. Bowshock of Solar System Traveling in Space

6. Radiation Bursts from Neutron Star Mergers and Star Collisions

7. Radiation Bursts from Supernovas and exposures from their Remnants (Types Iab, IIabc, and IIIab) :

SN 1680? 11000 ly away Cassiopiea A Remnant ? with internal pulsar ,

SN1604-Kepler , Constellation Ophiuchus 14000 ly away

SN1572 -Tycho Brahe 7500 ly away in Cassiopia Constellation

SN 1181 Remnant G130.7+3.1, 3C58 3.2kpc away

SN1054 - Crab Nebula and Crab Pulsar

RX J0852.0-4622 Vela Jr Remnant Exploded 1000 - 2000 ya? 600 ly away.

SN1006 in Constellation Lupus 7200 ly away Remnant G327.6+14.6, PKS 1459-41

SN386 G11.2-0.3 Remnant 5Kpc away

SN185 in Centaurus Constellation 8200 ly away RCW 86 or 89/G320.4-1.2 Remnant

RCW 103 Exploded 2000 ya Remnant, G332.4-0.4 3.2Kpc away

W49B, G43.3-0.2 Exploded 1-6K ya 13Kpc away

Exploded 3700 ya resulting in Puppis A Remnant and Cosmic Cannonball Neutron Star (5M k/hr)

Veil Nebula Remnant from an Explosion 5000 - 8000 ya in Cygnus Constellation 1470 ly away

CTA1 (Exploded 10Kya) 4600 ly away in Cepheus Constellation,

SS 433 Microquasar exploded 10K ya in Constellation Aquila 18000 ly away created W50 Remnant

Vela Sr Remnant (Exploded 11K - 12.3K ya) 800 ly away

W44 Remnant from an explosion 20K ya in Constellation Aquila about 9,800 ly away.

Simies 147 Remnant in Taurus Exploded 40K ya about 3000 ly away

Sagitarrius A East Remnant from Explosion 30k-100K ya in Near Center of Galaxy

Geminga/Local Chimney (Exploded 300Kya) Remnant Surrounding our Solar System - pulsar is 300? ly away in Gemini Constellation

Barnards Loop Remnant of Explosion 2M ya 1500 ly away in the Orion Constellation

Supernova Explosion 3.0 M ya 100 ly from earth with resulting Fe-60 deposition from blast material hitting earth 2.8 MYA- Resulting Pulsar ?

270 Other Supernova Remnants (G292.0+1.8 1500 ya, G166.0+4.3, G299.2-2.9, G63.7+1.1 )

8. Superbubbles and SuperShell Blowouts :

Anticenter shell, a supershell once called "Snickers"

Local Bubble, which contains the Solar system formed from muliple Supernovas associated with the Pleiades Cluster and/or Geminga

Loop I Bubbles containing North Polar Spur from Shell 1 6-7 M ya interacting wtih Shell 2 1-2M ya (from Scorpius Centaurus Association... containing Antares)

Loop II Bubble

Loop III Bubble

Monogem Ring from supernova(s) 86K ya in Gemini and Monocerol Constellations

Orion-Eridanus Superbubble from 6-7 Supernovas over the past 5-10M years

Ophiuchus Superbubble from supernova(s) 30M ya

The Scutum Supershell

GSH 242-3

100 Other Gamma Ray Pulsars Created by Supernovas and Without Identified Remnants

9. Beams from Gamma Ray Pulsars With and Without Companions

(Blue Star Companions with Gas Disks, Red Giant Companions, Neutron Star Companions, White Dwarf Companions, and Magnetar/Brown Dwarf Companions )

10. Pulsar Wind Nebulae

11. Nova Explosions from Symbiotic Binaries- 15 day duration (Red Giant and White Dwarf pairs)

12. Solar Flares/Coronal Mass Ejections/Plasmas

13. Galaxy Collisions and Galaxy Clusters

14. Collision of 2 Quasar Jets , Microquasar Jets, or a MicroQuasar and Quasar Jet

14. Matter and Antimatter annihilations

15. Dark Matter and Dark Energy Phenomenon (ie. Gould's Belt formation 30-50M ya from a Dark Matter Cloud Colliding with a large Galactic Molecular Cloud)

16. Extreme Lightning Storms on Earth


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