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Aerobic Exercise
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Aerobic exercise is also known as cardio (short for cardiovascular ). It is designed to improve the functioning of your heart and diaphram muscles as well as reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to burn calories and lose unwanted body fat.
The principle methods of aerobic exercise include both high and low impact workouts, such as Walking, Stepping, Jumping, Kickboxing, Dancing, Swimming, Running, Biking, Aqua aerobics, Stair-Master, Rowing Machines, Treadmills, and the Total Gym
It is generally recommended that you perform at least 20 minutes of cardio three times a week for the purpose of reducing your risk for heart disease. However, longer periods (ie. 45 minutes , 5 times a week) of cardio are needed if the goal is to lose body fat. Your exact amount of cardio will depend on a number of factors (such as maximum heart rate and medical conditions) which can be analyzed by one of our online medical doctors.