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Birth and Evolution of our Sun from a Nebula

  Birth of Our Sun 5 Billion Years Ago
Hypothesis A Our Sun was born from the effect of a shock wave due to a nearby Supernova 5 Billion years ago.
Hypothesis B Our Sun was born from the effect of a galaxy collision 5 Billion years ago.
Hypothesis C Our Sun was born in a star burst cluster created by condensing dark matter 5 Billion years ago.
Hypothesis D Our Sun was born from the effect of radiation by a nearby Supermassive Star that subsequently went supernova.

Hypothesis A suggest a few brother a sister stars possibly born at the same time .

Hypothesis B suggests numerous brother and sister stars born in waves with predictable phases. (ie. first phase separated from subsequent phase by 22 million years. )

  The ProtoStar Stage of our Sun involved a million to 10 million year period of shooting very hot jets of Water, Silicon, and Carbon compounds from it poles. These hot jets cooled into a coccon around our sun and became the basis for the formation of our Oort Cloud of comets. The Oort Cloud picked up interstellar material such as cosmic viruses and provided an environment for life's early formation or incubation. The resulting comet derived living cells obtained their energy from radioactive decay, chemolithoautotrophy, and the use of polycyclic hydrocarbons. Subsequently, these comets delivered their life forms to Earth and the other Planets.

Our solar system travels up, down, and around the Milky Way about every 255 million years. It is currently positioned in the Local Chimney section of a 2 armed barred spiral galaxy. A little ways in from the Perseus Arm.

How does this influence infectious speciation and natural selection processes ?

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