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The following list of videoconferencing solutions are currently available in the marketplace. However, this is a rapidly developing field with convergence of codec, instant messaging, and networking technologies to produce new and improved feature sets. Please contact our consulting service department for more details.
Conferencing Solutions
Product Codec Manufacturer Price Operating System(s)
Sessions SIP-Wavelet Wave3software Inc. $200 Win2000/XP and Mac
pvCamcorder MPEG4 PacketVideo   Cell Phones
Flash Communication Server MPEG4 Macromedia $5000/50 concurrent Win/Linux/Mac/Unix
PCS-1 MPEG4 Sony    
iVisit v2.5b4 Eyematic Interface currently free downloads Win95/98/NT4/ME/2000 and MAC
NetMeeting 3.01 SP2
Windows Messenger
Microsoft Inc. free
(bundled with Win2000 and XP)
NT, Win95, XP
CDC32 v2.97beta Dwyco free -adware
$45 (for 1)
$60 (for 2)
$120 (for site license)
ICUII Version 4.84 from Dwyco Cybration $39.95 Win 95,98,NT
Paltalk audio-video phone Paltalk Inc. free -Adware NT, Win95
ISPQ ISPQ Inc. $39.95 (1)
$19.95 for 2nd
Win 95,98,NT, Mac
VideoLink Pro 3.1 Smith Micro Inc. $60 Win 95,98,NT
XTX Videocommunication Suite 1.4 Wintronix Inc. $70 Win 95,98,NT

C-Phone H.324 videophone


Motion Media



settop box


(USB Camera, sound system, and software)
Polycom Inc. $599 Windows 95,98,NT
PictureTel 550 (desktop kit-camera included) Polycom : PictureTel $1295 Win95
Meeting Point (VCON-Vigo bundle) (USB Camera, sound system, and software) VCON Inc. $699 standard
$1199 prof with multicast
Windows 95,98,NT
Embedded Video for OEM Sorenson Technologies $899 Win 95,98,NT, Mac OS
Avistar standard desktop kit Avistar Communications $1499 Win95
Galaxy MT Vtel Inc. $8995/station Windows 95,98,NT
IPcontact v5.0
(bundled with camera, capture card, +/- PC)
Numerex Inc.: BNI division $10K/station
$2K/kit (without PC)
Win 95,98,NT
VAN-II First Virtual Corp. $ NT, Win98
Click to Meet First Virtual Corp. $ Win 95,98,NT,2000
CuSeeMe 4.0 pro First Virtual Corp. $69 NT, Win95, Mac

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