Screening for Cardiovascular Disease

The following list contains information on guidelines for screening given a certain set of risk factors. Please mark those screening tests which you would like to have performed at your home, local clinic, laboratory, surgical center, or imaging facility. You will also need to enter your known risk factors and submit all information for review. Approved orders for the screening test or procedure will be sent to your nearest appropriate facility for execution. The Cyberspace Telemedical Office will electronically send the results to you or your primary doctor. If your primary doctor does not wish to follow up on positive results then we will refer you to physicians who will. Your stored medical record will also be updated with the new information. The cost to order each screening test is $10 . There will also be a fee which will need to be paid directly to the test procedure and/or material. (These costs may be covered by non Medicare insurance companies in California after January of 1997)

Atherosclerosis risk factors

Please place a mark on your known risk factors


Age greater than 50 yrs old

Diabetes for at least 5 years

Hypertension for a least 5 years

Obesity for a least 5 years

Elevated oxidized LDL cholesterol levels

Elevated blood homocystein levels or low folate, B-6, or B-12

Inactive lifestyle (ie no excercise)

Hypercoagulation problems

A family history of atherosclerosis

Elevated Apolipoprotein A levels

Low serum Magnesium levels

Chronic CMV or arterial herpes virus infection

Arterial Calcium deposits

Arterial Infections with Chlamydia Pneumoniae

High Protein C levels

Male Pattern Balding with a + Family History