Medical Data Transactions : Visualization
3D Interactive Visualizers - * = With Volume RenderingVisual
Choose one of the following viewers or GO HERE for other Non volume rendering solutions
Source Product Price  
Voxar Inc. *Plug 'n 3D Viewer
Vital Images Inc. *Vitrea 2.0
Immersion Corporation *Teleos Voxel Visualizer 1.1
bundled with other products
GE Medical Systems *Advantage Windows + SGI
Michael Abramoff MD, PHD, MPH *VolumeJ ( a plug in for ImageJ )
Java Open source
Alias/Wavefront Inc. *SGI OpenGL Volumizer
TGS Inc.

*Open Inventor-VolumeViz
3Space Assistant

free player
TeraRecon Inc. *VolumePro500 )