Telemedical Webstations : Telehealth Systems/Monitors and Software

IT or Device Company : FDA approved Solutions
Provider I/O
Alcatel Lucent Telehealth Manager (phone software) web
Airstrip Technologies iOS
Alere : Medapps: RPM System and CloudCare™ web
American Telecare Inc. web
Avita Vital Sign Monitors--bt to Cell phone or Telehealth monitor web
Bayer Healthcare : Viterion Tele-Homecare System web
Biocomfort: ziggby RF medical devices to USB doggle on computer to web web
Biosign : Healthanywhere : bt devices to Health Assist Software to server web
BL Healthcare: bt devices to (Touchscreen monitor or STB ) to server web
Bosch HealthCare: Health Buddy/VitelCare solutions web
Cardiocom's weight and symptom monitor web

Care Innovations: Health Guide PHS-6000- QuietCare + Continua Certified Devices

Carematix-Wireless BP, Pulse, Glucose,and Weight web
Cybernet Medical's Medstar and other solutions see Grandcare web
DigiO2 :bt devices to Care Pal Monitor (pots, wifi, or ethernet)to Web web
ExpressMD solutions: bt device to Electronic Housecall Telehealth monitor web
Fora Care Inc: wired device to Telehealth Gateway (ethernet and POTs) web
Honeywell : Hommed Monitors web
Ideal Life Inc. : bt devices to Ideal Life Pod wireless gateway to web server. web
InfopiaUSA: Eocene systems device family web
Lifewatch : Cardguard web
Medic4all /Telcomed Advanced Industries Ltd: bt device to gateway to server web
Neusoft : Aerotel Medical Systems web
Numera Home Hub web
Philips Electronics : Intellivue MX40 web
Philips:VitalSense Telemetric Physiological Monitoring and Telestation or STB web
Polymap Wireless : Polytel System web
Qualcomm Life : 2Net Platform Class I MDDS FDA registered web
Sotera Wireless web
Telcare : Wireless glucose monitor and Telserve Cloud Solution web
Televital Software Solutions web
Tunstall Healthcare :bt Devices to Telehealth Monitor (PTSN,GSM,GPRS) web
Welch Allyn Vital Sign Monitors web
Other ?FDA nonapproved solutions    
Samsung S Health android/web  
Lilah Telehealth solutions web  

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